The spagyric method can be described as the separation, purification and recombination of the plant essentials. Meaning that everything nonessential is being removed and only the purified and active plant components are left in the final product. One crucial part in the preparation of a spagyric preparation is the extraction of the plant minerals.

These minerals, which are composed of potassium carbonate and trace minerals in varying proportions, are obtained once the solvent extraction has been completed in a process called calcination. The purified salts are then merged alchemically with the crude extract.

Adding the alkaline plant minerals to the extract increases its pH value and start the process of an esterification. By doing so we increase the bioavailability of the active plant components which allows for much lower dosages compared to conventional tinctures.

This allows the extract to penetrate deeper into our system and also to stay in it for a longer period of time. Furthermore our cells have a high affinity for potassium carbonate and will draw this mineral deep into our body.