nettle leaf


Urtica dioica
spagyric extract
content volume 20ml
concentration 1:1
100% organic & raw

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In traditional western herbalism nettle leaves are praised for
-being a nutritive tonic
-building and purifying blood
-general detoxification
-inflammation modulating

The nettle is famous for being one of the most nutritious plants in western herbalism and not only for its well-known iron content but for the richness of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. With an affinity for the blood the effect of the nettle would be primary there, where it not only builds blood but also supporting the liver to do so and to process metabolic waste for elimination.

When it comes to detoxification of the body the nettle is said to be a master. Through its combination of actions as a diuretic and alterative, its opens up the channels of elimination and purges stagnated dampness out of the body at the same time brings in a vast spectrum of nutrients.




spagyric nettle leaf extract (raw)*
distilled water


acute or chronic kidney disease
kidney stones