our story


a workshop in a monastery assigned to the preparation of medicinal products, often with an attached storage


a terminus applied to plants and herbs that are used in medicinal preparations

who we are

Based on the fundaments of a long lineage of western herbalism and the ancient arts of alchemy we dared to look for a modern and state of the art approach in producing and distributing plant extracts high in quality and potency. In our own in-house laboratory we managed to developed a sophisticated and yet simple way of producing strong and potent full spectrum plant extracts.

Benjamin Buonaventura

Co-founder and lab wizard with a lifelong passion to explore and experience the outer as well as the inner realms of existence. A long search for health and wellbeing brought me on the path of plant medicine, meditation and physical mastery. I overcame several chronic ailments and a fractured lumbar vertebra without the need of surgery but by means of plant medicine, inner work and a disciplined yoga practice.

Hannah Mattsson

Co-founder and expert in herbal preparation and formulation. Coming from a long lineage of gardeners my passion for botanicals is imprinted in my deepest core. I always felt a deep calling for the natural world and the power that lies within it. This passion lead me to studies in the fields of herbalism, human anatomy, alchemy and yoga.

our values

Personal integrity is key to us and we aim to get a bit better and wiser with every passing day. The development of our products and the decision to market them happened gradually over the course of several years. It all started when we took responsibly over our own health and wellbeing.

Attracted by the wisdom of mother nature we looked into wild super foods and into ways of integrating them into our daily routines. This lead us into the studies of alchemy, chemistry, herbalism, anatomy and botany. 

It is of great importance to us that all our raw materials come from sustainable, organic and trustworthy sources – whenever possible we aim to use small scale and wild harvested plants. Furthermore we are continuously looking to improve the quality of our sourced goods and our production process.

One major goal for the not to far future is to grow a big part of our raw materials in our own sanctuary to guarantee the best possible therapeutic and energetic effect of our extracts. 

our promise

100% organic

the minimum requirement for all our raw materials is to come from organic and sustainable sources.

wild sourced

whenever possible we use wild harvested raw materials collected sustainably by hand from native ecosystems.


our standard extracts come in a concentrated 1:1 ratio – pure and without any additives.